2 Winners will be chosen to win the iZotope Elements Suite Plugin Bundle from our Friends at Sweetwater!

This month's giveaway is brought to you by our good friends at Sweetwater, and features the indispensable Elements Bundle from iZotope!

If your productions are lacking that elusive professional quality, you need to upgrade from your DAW's stock plug-ins. And iZotope's Elements Suite is a great place to start.

Ozone Elements includes a suite of essential mastering modules that will give your mixes a radio-ready sheen.

RX Elements eliminates the unwanted sounds that can wreck an otherwise great recording.

Neutron Elements supplies you with a great batch of cutting-edge mixing plug-ins.

Nectar Elements contains everything you need for pro-level vocal tracks.

To achieve pro-quality results, you need pro-quality plug-ins, and iZotope's Elements Suite delivers the goods.

This is your chance to win the iZotope Elements Suite and take your productions to the next level.

Learn more about iZotope Elements Suite here.

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