Our friends at Sonarworks are back! This time, they offering you a chance to win their updated cutting-edge room and headphone correction software.

Sonarworks software was built from the ground up to eliminate guesswork during the mixing process so that you can spend less time double-checking and chasing the last fixes. Accurate monitoring with Studio Reference results in clean mixes by extracting more value out of the monitoring gear you currently own.

SoundID Reference is a speaker and headphone calibration software delivering consistently accurate studio reference sound.

In less than 20 minutes you can calibrate your existing studio speakers with a measurement microphone (buy from us or use yours) and calibrate your existing headphones with more than 280 headphone calibration profiles already included in the software as ready-to-use presets. With an applied calibration profile the software sets the frequency response target to be completely flat across all audible frequencies so you can trust that every mix will translate. You can also now make custom adjustments to the target curve in real-time with the new custom target feature.

With accurate studio reference sound, you can seamlessly switch between speakers, headphones, and rooms. Finally, mix with confidence and make music that sounds great everywhere.

Learn more about Sonarworks SoundID Reference Software for Speakers & Headphones

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