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3 Winners will be chosen to win the All Access Version of Immerse Virtual Studio, a $399 value!

Immerse Virtual Studio allows you to hear and mix your music as if you are actually in one of multiple world-class studios. Immerse models the sound of legendary recording studios and you'll hear your music as if you're in the sweet spot of the studio you selected, simply by wearing your favorite headphones, no matter where you are physically. There are different versions, tuned for specific headphones and DAWs, but the All Access version is compatible with all DAWs and all headphones.

What's even more amazing is that Immerse Virtual Studio customizes the sound to your personal hearing anatomy. Everyone perceives sounds differently and that's due to the shape of your ear. Immerse lets you create a personalized audio profile from a single image of your right ear. It represents a mathematical model of how you hear sound in the real world, based on your unique hearing anatomy (Head Related Transfer Function, short HRTF). With your personalized HRTF, the Immerse Virtual Studio plugin gives you the experience of being inside an excellent sounding, acoustically treated room. As a result, your mix gets all the benefits of the studio’s acoustics, speakers, and layout when in reality, you might be mixing in your bedroom on a pair of your favorite headphones.

Learn more about Immerse Virtual Studio here

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