This month's giveaway is brought to you by our good friends at Soundtheory, and features their hit plugin, Gullfoss, which has been creating waves throughout the industry!

3 Winners will be chosen to win a copy of Gullfoss from our friends at Soundtheory!!

More About Gullfoss:
Gullfoss is a famous Icelandic waterfall. The inspiration for using the name of a waterfall for our plugin comes from one of the questions we asked ourselves while developing our theory. Why do waterfalls sound so pleasing? To answer, one could argue that a waterfall generates close to pink noise. However, that leads to a similar question. Why does pink noise sound pleasing? Both waterfalls and pink noise come near to maximizing the amount of information perceived by your brain. They give your brain more of what it wants. Gullfoss the software is all about organizing the information in the signal so that your brain finds the result more pleasing. Just like a waterfall.

Try it today to find out why Alan Meyerson, Dave Pensado, Greg Wells, and so many more are raving about Gullfoss.

Learn more about Gullfoss here

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