Reference 4 Studio & Microphone Giveaway

Full confidence in sound.

You hear both your speakers and your room.

Most speakers do a decent job in a lab, but once you bring them into your room, things change. The sound you hear degrades due to room acoustics. Thus you miss critical details and lose the ability to put your skills to their best use.

Sonarworks Reference 4 solves this problem of lost accuracy and makes translation to other systems much better. It is a software tool that combines a measurement software with calibration DAW plugin and Systemwide app. The DAW plugin and Systemwide app neutralizes room influence

Reference 4 introduces zero latency to the already impressive feature list Sonarworks users have grown to love and rely on. No extra latency means that Reference 4 plug-in can be used for vocal and instrument tracking. Finally musicians who demand instant response on their input will be able to fully rely on their monitoring.

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