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Panty Tickle Fight
Lyndon Walker
Fab Dupont's mix (mastered version).

When I first opened the Logic Pro session for Panty Tickle Fight, after the infamous Lyndon Walker asked me to mix his record, a huge smile came on my face. Everything about the track (And every other track on the record) was fantastic. Great songs, really fun lyrics, great modern production, great delivery and fierce attitude. It was an amazing body of carefully crafted lo-fi and mid-fi work. Quite the opposite if what I usually do. I could not wait to get to it.

No human being were harmed in the production of this record, besides Lyndon Walker himself on vocals and some unidentified guests on 'extra vocals'. The all electronic, all sampled and super tweaked production made for lots of creative options and complete disregard of rules. Fun stuff. The raw tracks you are getting as exactly as I got them on day1. You really get an idea of the producer's vision (and of Logic Pro's quirky export function level management).

We mixed the track amazingly fast, given the complexity of the production and the super effect-ey esthetic. (That stuff takes time). Lyndon knows what he likes, I obliged. It was mixed in Logic Pro using a Universal Audio Apollo and a Dangerous Dbox with no outboard gear at all.
I mastered the whole record later on my regular Protools rig.

This is what is going on in NYC right now as far far modern production goes. Take your time and make it shine. The tempo of the song is 110bpm. We will post my finals mixes and masters after the contest is over. For now you are on your own. Enjoy.

Lyndon Walker


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After much deliberation, here are the 3 winners we picked from the list.

#1 - Congrats to Danbei who won a Blue Cat Audio Plug-in

#2 - Congrats to Earcandy who won a Blue Cat Audio Plug-in

#3 - Congrats to MADDMUSIK who won a Blue Cat Audio Plug-in

Thank you all for your participation.

The pureMix Team.