Mixing Contest: Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown


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Win Big with iZotope

Win Big with iZotope Win Big with iZotope

This month's Zelab is sponsored by iZotope.

  • First prize is a copy of iZotope Music Production Suite and the opportunity to be a guest on the follow-up Q&A Session with Vance Powell, September 20th, 2018
  • Second prize is a copy of iZotope Creative Suite


The Song:

In our recent Start To Finish Series with Vance Powell and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, we watched as Vance and the band recorded a great song all the way from plugging the microphones in through to the final print. Along the way, we saw Vance sculpt an intense and exciting mix that tears itself out of the speakers and demands your attention.

Now it’s your turn to sit in Vance’s chair and mix “Aftershock” from Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to ask Vance your personal questions about the creation of this production on September 20th in our LIVE Q&A session with Vance.

How To Win:

Mixing is an art form, the winner will be chosen based on the judges' TASTE. There are no absolute rules. Don’t be upset if your version of this mix does not make it to the top.

The pureMix team will listen to ALL of the mixes and pick 2 winners.

Here are a couple tangible suggestions to carve your way to be the potential winning mixer:

  • Upload your mix before September 20th, 2018
  • Make sure you send in the right song (Don’t laugh, it happens quite a bit)
  • Don’t send the mentor’s original mix hoping that we won’t notice (Don’t laugh, it happens quite a bit)
  • Make sure the vocal/drums/bass/guitars are not muted in your mix. Especially the lead vocal. (We think the production was quite nice and would love to hear all of it.)
  • Don’t change the tempo/key/arrangement. This is a MIXING challenge.
  • Louder is not better, we level match everything before we listen (You know who you are)
  • Submit your mix before the deadline

Good luck!


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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First Place: KLWN

Congratulations on winning the iZotope Music Production Suite.

Second Place: ricardosanval

Congratulations on winning the iZotope Creative Suite.