Mixing Contest: La Llorona


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La Llorona
By Sofía Rei
Fab Dupont's mix

Sofia Rei came to visit me at FLUX in the summer of 2010. We had heard of each other but had never met. For her new CD, Sofia was interested in the kinds of sounds I had gotten on the Forro In The Dark 'Light A Candle' record (Hi-fi but fat with lots of space around the instruments). Few world music records sound quite like that, and she thought that that kind of space would showcase her songs well.

She was right, the record was nominated and won 2 Independent Music Awards in 2013. (Best World Beat Album and Best world Beat Song) In the end, I ended up producing, recording with Daniel Sanint, and mixing the whole record in installments at FLUX Studios over the course of the following year. Diego Calvino from Buenos Aires mastered the record. (A perfect match since Sofia is also from Buenos Aires).

On La Llorona, Yayo played cajon only, instead of the crazy half homemade 'drumacussion' set featured on the other songs. Jorge Roeder plays his amazing old British upright (the instrument is half the sound here) and Eric plays a Takamine. That's the record.

Everything was tracked through a Neve 55 and Lynx Aurora 16 converters to Protools HD9. The vocal sound is 80% Sofia and 20% a lovely combo of a Neumann 47 and Elux 251 blended together through a Mercury m76m preamp, no compression if I remember well. The whole record was mixed through my Dangerous 2-Bus, 70s Neumann eq (often left flat for the transformer tone), and a stock Dangerous BAX eq.

The final A to D conversion was handled by the now discontinued UA2192. The original session will be posted after the contest is done. Enjoy the mixing process


Congrats to mixpipo who won a Slate Digital plug-in.

Congrats to Keith Farquharson who won a Slate Digital plug-in.

Congrats to Gonx G who won a Slate Digital plug-in.