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Machine Maker

Grammy winner Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, Foo Fighters) has his first pureMix mixing tutorial debuting in December featuring dream-pop artist Future Elevators and their song "Machine Maker". pureMix Pro Members get the exclusive chance to mix the song before we reveal Darrell's unique and insightful mixing techniques.  

Download the raw stems and give it your best mix! Stay true to the artist's vision to bring out the nuance and details of their production. 

Remember this is a mixing contest, you should use only the tracks provided as the source material (no dance remixes please). You may re-amp, sample replace, edit, mute, parallel process, whatever it takes to achieve a creative and full-sounding mix that keeps the listener engaged.

This month's Zelab is sponsored by Sound Radix, the first place prize is the Radical Bundle (which includes all of Sound Radix's plugins), second place receives their brand new POWAIR compressor and Drum Leveler plugins, third place receieves POWAIR. 

Be sure to check out the official music video for the song as your reference mix:


This contest is now over. We are currently listening to all those mixes. We'll be right back with you shortly and everybody will be contacted directly by email. Thanks for your patience.

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