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Only One

Only One is the sonic representation of my growth as a person. It became a song as I became more self aware and learned to truly hold myself accountable for the direction my life was taking and embrace the changes that were necessary to achieve the life I wanted.” - Johnny Burgos

The song debuted on ThisIsRnB.com where they called it "A masterful jazz and soul fusion carries the track with blissful live instrumentation, filled with lush horns, as Burgos shares his declaration. “You’re the only one that can make things right / You’re the only one that can change your mind If you want to / But you gotta want to"

The song was co-produced and mixed by pureMix's very own Ben Lindell and features a blend of programmed drums, synth bass, guitars, keys, horns and layers of vocals. 

Ben shared his insights into the track's production proess: "This song has been through lots of iterations and when Johnny brought it to me I immediately connected to his top line and began by muting everything but his vocal and rebuilding the production and the mix piece by piece. Everything was there in his original session but the song needed room to breathe and draw the listener's focus to his vocal and his message. I ruthlessly muted tracks and sections and did my best to give the song a bold shape and identity sonically. There's so much feel in the rhythm section and the horns are just rediculous!"

Now it's your turn to mix Johnny's 2nd single and give it your own special touches in the mix. The winning mix will receive a copy of Eventide's H3000 Factory plugin which emulates the classic harmonizer hardware found in studios around the world.


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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Feedback from Ben Lindell:

"This mix made a killer first impression which made me want to keep listening. Then the stereo effect on the bass made it stand out and fit around the vocal in a super cool way. I dug the reverb on the snaps and the space on everything felt coheasive and created a very pleasant depth to the mix. The shape of the kick and presence on the horns were just right and the vocal never got buried. Overall the balance was fantastic and the mix kept my interest going the whole time which is exactly what I look for in mixes. Really great job on keeping the important elements forward and painting the soundstage with everything else. - Ben"


Congratulations on winning the Eventide H3000 Factory plugin