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Feel Good (pureMix.Live Session)

In March 2017, pureMix hosted STOLAR for a live in-studio concert at Flux Studios in New York City. Grammy winner Fab Dupont tracked and mixed Jay Stolar's power trio entirely LIVE through a Neve 53 series console and we had thousands of views from all around the world in the 2 weeks that it was available online.

STOLAR's latest single is the song Feel Good and this month's Pro Member Zelab is your chance to mix the song and have your mix broadcast to the world on the live music video being put out May 30th!

PLUS the winning mix engineer will win a pair of the brand new Focal Shape 50 Studio Monitors!!

Download the stems and transform this live studio performance into an incredible sounding studio recording that's retains the live feel but with a fully mixed and ready to release sound.

Bonus: The Geek Out From STOLAR's Live Session

See how Fab tracked and mixed this song live for clues to how to treat your mix.


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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Feedback from STOLAR:

"Wow. It's weird listening to mixes that you know sounds WAY better than your band did in the room haha. Seriously, thank you to EVERYONE for the hard work and beautiful mixes. After listening to them all, the balance of wide stereo image, just enough compression/excitement and a PHAT ass sound is what one me over with ag144db's mix. All kidding aside this mix makes you FEEL like you are in the room, just the right amount of treatment without it feeling too raw or too over processed. I can't tell you how much joy it brings to hear this song sound like this. Thanks so much! -Stolar"


Congratulations on winning a pair of Focal Shape 50 speakers!