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Dry Clean Only

In the pureMix tutorial series Start to Finish of a Pop/Punk Song with Fab Dupont, you got to see how the song "Ugly" by DCO was transformed from an iPhone demo into an ass kicking catchy tune.

Now it's your turn to take the original stems from dry and raw to punchy and PUNK!

Using the same source files that were recorded by Grammy winner Fab Dupont at Flux Studios in NYC, give this tune everything you've got and delivery a mix that's ready for the radio, this is Pop Punk after all.

Just like Fab demonstrated in his tutorials, your goal is to get the mix sounding competitive with modern punk music such as Green Day, Rancid, Weezer, etc

This is a mixing contest, you may use only the tracks provided as the source material (no dance remixes please). You may re-amp, sample replace, edit, mute, parallel process, whatever it takes to achieve a badass punk mix that could be played on the radio.


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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Feedback from Fab Dupont:

"This was a tough one and Darren managed to steer clear of most the pitfalls. The balance in his mix felt great and he tried interesting stuff as far as space on vocals go. Really nice touch. He also managed to get the toms to sing and the hihat to read without being painful. He kept the compression in check, made sure the song came through. Joey liked the mix too. Clear winner this time."


Congratulations on winning Lauten Audio Black Series Microphones