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Fall Apart

This months Zelab features the song "Fall Apart" by Jay Stolar. Long time pureMixers may recognize this track from Fab's full length mixing tutorial where he mixed this song from start to finish using Presonus Studio One - if you haven't seen it yet you should, lots of unqiue tips that can inspire you try something new.

Now it's your turn to take a shot at mixing this indie-acoustic-rock-pop-soul song by the one and only Jay Stolar for a chance to win a copy of Presonus Studio One Pro V3 (worth $399).

Your mission for this Zelab is to:

  • Use only the stems provided, no adding or subtracting from the artist's and producer's musical vision.
  • Enhance the message and power of Jay's vocal performance, he's the star here so make him shine.
  • Get a big and clear drum sound that has size and weight without overpowering the mix or feeling too distant.
  • Find a balance between the different layers of guitar and background vocals that lets each track speak clearly without stepping on the lead vocals
  • Keep the dynamics of the arrangement intact while also adding energy to the mix as a whole. 
  • Try something you've never tried before: a new plugin, a new routing workflow, a new DAW even. This is your chance to push your skills and get out of your comfort zone.

Show us what you got and see if you can beat Fab's mix!

If you're looking for inspiration and tricks, check out these tutorials:


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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This song was deceptively hard, in just the first minute it goes from acoustic guitar + vocal to a choir and full band rocking full force! Managing these dynamics plus maximizing the power and emotional impact of the song was the key to a great mix of this tune.

These 5 pureMix Pro Members nailed it, each in their own unique way (in no particular order):


Marco Koch


Dominik Aster


There were a ton of great mixes this time around, congrats to the winners and everyone who participated! These contests showcase the level of skill present in the pureMix community!

- Ben

Congratulations on each winning a copy of Presonus Studio One Pro!