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Qui Danse
Marine Futin
Fab Dupont's mix (mastered version)

Marine FutinI first met Marine when she was looking for a producer for her record. We met but it did not seem like a good fit. In the end, through completely different channels, she ended up deciding to work with no other than Magda Giannikou, who immediately booked Flux Studios to track and me to mix Marine's record.

Marine FutinSmall world. We mixed the whole record in a few days. We actually finished earlier than planned. It was well written, well played, well tracked and well produced ( I definitely think Magda was better fit for the record than I would have been).

If you are familiar with Banda Magda's records you'll hear some known colors there and if you are familiar with records made at Flux studios you'll recognize the sound of the rooms and the style of engineering. Yet it sounds and feels very different from anything we have done before. The challenge here is the live quality of the record. That can't go away. But there are also a lot of tracks to fit in the stereo field because of all those vocals. Something is going to have to give. Difficult choices ahead. It's harder than it seems.


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The three winners managed the bass challenge better than pretty much everyone else. It was hard to get the bass to behave and keep enough bottom to have a proper band balance. These guys did it best:

  • Daimus' choice of space was startling but very well done so it enhanced the feel of the track. Good idea good execution.
  • Sirmensah got the poppiest mix. Great vocal sound, great drum sound.
  • All Buttons In managed the most natural tone and best upright sound, nice and elastic.

This was tough. Great job guys.

On to the next one,





Congratulations for winning an amazing Sonnox Enhance Bundle!