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Iron Sheik
Dry Clean Only
Fab Dupont's mix (mastered version)

Dry Clean OnlySometimes bands deconstruct things and play with just the raw bricks. They don't care how many times they will be told to reinvent the wheel, they just listen to an inner, instinctive urge. And they don't care. Which is awesome, let's face it. We need the fresh air and perspective of not-caring, especially in songwriting and young bands.

Dry Clean Only

'Dry Clean Only' is Joey, Ronnie and Connor. They're from Middle Village Queens, they play alternative punk rock and yes, they started out in one of the most educational, inspirational and absolutely epic environments you can think of: their garage.

The band came to me after their mixes were done, looking for mastering. They had lots of tribulation getting to the point of finished mixes and they just needed it done. Sometimes you got to move on. I did a lot of work on the master but I felt that with distance, with more time and more budget they could have gotten an even better sounding record by tweaking the mix some more.

That's where you come in. You have the raw tracks. In other mixing contests on pureMix you struggled with 150 tracks of special effects, or super-produced drums, or standing-out-all-the-way lead vocals. Not this time. It's a simple, well produced, well recorded punk-rock track.

On this Zelab, you have the opportunity to kill my own results which were produced from existing stereo mixes. Keep it real. Keep it Iron.


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We are happy to announce the winners of this public Zelab contest:

Henrik Hjortnaes



Congratulations for winning a license of Antares Auto Tune 8!