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Make You Dance


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The Production

In our recent video series with Al Schmitt, we watched as Al tracked and mixed Cyrille Aimee on his home turf of Studio A at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Al employed the same techniques he used on timeless classics from artists like Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Miles Davis and Ray Charles.

Now it’s your turn to sit in Al’s chair and mix “Make You Dance” from Cyrille Aimee, tracked in one of the best rooms in the world, by one of the legends that has had such an impact on the history of recording.

This is a true lesson in “less is more” as you’ve seen from the videos. It’s all about great tracking, balancing, adding excitement at the correct moments of the song and respecting the artist’s vision.

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  • The first place prize is a Waves Gold Series Bundle
  • Second place wins a Waves H-Series Bundle
  • Third place receives a Waves V-Series Bundle

How To Win:

Mixing is an art form, the winner will be chosen based on the judges' TASTE. There are no absolute rules. Don’t be upset if your version of this mix does not make it to the top.

The pureMix team will listen to ALL of the mixes and pick 3 winners.

Here are a couple tangible suggestions to carve your way to be the potential winning mixer:

  • Make sure you send in the right song (Don’t laugh, it happens quite a bit)
  • Don’t send the mentor’s original mix hoping that we won’t notice (Don’t laugh, it happens quite a bit)
  • Make sure the vocal/drums/bass/guitars are not muted in your mix. Especially the lead vocal. (We think the production was quite nice and would love to hear all of it.)
  • Don’t change the tempo/key/arrangement. This is a MIXING challenge.
  • Louder is not better, we level match everything before we listen (You know who you are)
  • Submit your mix before the deadline

Good luck!


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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From Fab:

This was a tough one.

All these beautifully recorded tracks.

All the fun things you could do with them.

A lot of you could not resist playing with this amazing material and flexing your processing muscle. However, as the de facto producer of that session, I fell that the way to go was to exercise restraint and focus on balance first and processing only if necessary.

In that spirit, I felt that 'ProfWela' was the closest to what I felt and heard while being in the room. Great tone and great balance in that mix even if I feel that the vocal could have been brought down a smidgen.

'BUKA" and 'OkiSMR' came close but were not as transparent in their approach.

Don't let BUKA's oddly quiet delivery level confuse you. We level our listening environment so everyone gets heard at the same playback level. Nonetheless, it'd be nice to deliver within normal range tough. -18 to -14 dbFS average works for everyone.

Good job everyone, Great luck for the next one. We are looking forward to hearing your work.

First Place: ProfWela

Second Place: BUKA

Congratulations on winning a Lauten Audio Series Black 320.

Third Place: OKiSMR

Congratulations on winning a Lauten Audio Series Black 220.