Start to Finish: Vance Powell - Episode 10 - Mixing Part 1

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The production is complete, and practically sounds like a mix already, but Vance is not about to stop there. 

Starting by setting up his SSL console, calibrating his parallel outboard chains, and gain staging everything to set himself up for success, Vance begins the mix of “Sweet Beast” from Illiterate Light.

Watch as Vance:

  • Sets up his SSL Console for mixing
  • Calibrates his multiple parallel compression chains
  • Explains a few tweaks that happened off-camera, shaping tracks like the scratch vocal mic that was in the room during drum tracking, but Jeff did not sing into
  • Adds further processing on the samples he created with Jake
  • Adds stereo chorusing to the sub guitar
  • Adds an Ampeg SVT bass plugin on the Guitar Solo
  • Compresses the rhythm guitars
  • Sets up Automation on the SSL
  • Explains the signal flow of his console and outboard gear
  • Breaks down his Vocal Parallel Processing, consisting of three processors to enhance the signal
  • Discusses monitor loudness levels during mixing

PLUS: Download Vance's Pro Tools Template, made with 100% stock and UAD plugins, and recreate some of the techniques you'll see Vance demonstrate in this video!

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Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • API 2500
  • EQ 3D
  • Empirical Labs Fatso
  • GML 8900
  • Neve 33609


  • Little Labs IBP
  • Roto Speaker
  • Sound Toys Echo Boy
  • UAD 1176 LN Rev E
  • UAD 1176 Rev A
  • UAD Ampeg SVTVR
  • UAD Distressor
  • UAD Eventide H 910
  • UAD Fatso
  • UAD Neve 1073
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Vance Powell

Vance studied electrical engineering in Missouri and started his career in live sound as a front-of-house engineer. In 2002, he moved to Nashville in order to become studio manager and chief engineer at the legendary Black Bird studios in Nashville. In 2006, he co-founded Sputnik studios along with Grammy-winning engineer Mitch Dane, still in Nashville.

Vance Powell has won 6 Grammy awards working with rock artists such as The Raconteurs, Kings of Leon, Jack White, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and more.

Powell's domain of expertise is definitely mixing and producing rock music. As shown in his pureMix videos, Vance likes to experiment and create new fuller and exciting sounds using all kinds of pedals, echos, analog outboards and plug-ins. Vance was used to recording to tape and definitely has an analog approach that makes him commit to fewer good sounding tracks rather than piling up takes in Pro Tools.

His goal is to make something new and warm that fits the band's vision with upfront snare drums and powerful guitars. Rocking.


Jack White

Chris Stapleton

The Deadweather

The Raconteurs

Arctic Monkeys


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2021 Mar 31
Vance, there's a fix for the resolution nightmare of PT on 4K and above monitors. I don't use Mac, but on PC it involves opening properties by right clicking PT app and playing with the compatibility and high DPI settings. Only check I have in compatibility settings menu is "Run as Administrator" and in DPI I have Program and High both checked with Program set to "I signed in to Windows" and High set to "System." Took me lots of diff variations to find which one made PT usable again without changing my global resolution settings every time. Hopefully similar for Mac? Inexcusable BS by Avid.
2021 Mar 13
When he put the vocal mic in on the drums at 18:00 I was instantly thinking D'yer Maker. Also, this guy is a master! I could watch him teach all day.
2021 Feb 15
I clicked the link to download the exercise files, but all that was in there was the PT session. Are the stems in a separate link?
2021 Jan 25
video loses sync around 1hr cool parallel tricks
2021 Jan 24
Excellent tutorial...thanks for doing these. Cheers
Jose Luis Loera Carrillo
2021 Jan 17
I discover mi voice at a late age and I been practicing whit the use of a head phones and i like what I hear I believe I have potential.I saw puremix ad and even that I steel don’t understand how it works call my attention and I want to see it like a tool that it may improve my performance or at least give me hope
2020 Aug 29
That memory sweep program with the 4 bit resolution screen is sick. Such good vibes for a studio room lol
2020 Jun 27
This has been my favorite installment so far! A Logic version of the template would be sweet
2020 Jun 26
please subtitles in Spanish
2020 Jun 17
Chinese subtitle please, I need it badly
2020 May 26
What food does that guy eat? Looks yummy.
2020 May 25
Ah sorry my mistake thanks for the reply. I thought there were audio stems. Mind you would be super cool to have stems. (probably not possible in this case) As usual great video. Vance is incredible and the whole production is inspiring
2020 May 25
Please subtitle in Spanish in this Vance series
2020 May 25
Hope to have subtitles,Thanks.
2020 May 23
exercise files not currently working. Only have protools session with no audio files
2020 May 23
Shiny gold. Compared to the last tutorial, Vance has included much more explanation and teaching chops. Excellent!
2020 May 23
Once again, outstanding approach with this great mix....Fantastic series, great band too. Love your work.