Simon & Greg
One day Simon asked Greg if he wanted to go to Africa to help some friends build a recording studio. Little did They know what They were getting into... Since then, they've decided that once a year, they would pick a country, board a plane, pack suitcases full of gear, and record as many talented artists as they could find. Follow their musical (and whacky) journey around the world in this first season in Senegal. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Help him build a studio and he’ll record forever...

Domou Diambour


Era S

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2022 Oct 21
OMG you guys are awesome! I LOVE your documenteries! Thank you so much for sharing your journey-experiences with us. I really appreciate it!!!!!!!! By the way: your recordings are sounding GREAT!!!!!!
2022 Oct 19
Awesome!! This remind us of the escense of good recording. Good music, good vibe, knowledge and patience! Is there any chance to listening to the whole final masters of this season?
2022 Oct 19
heartwarming .
2022 Oct 18
The most intense and guts touching episode so far… just wonderful people which create a wonderful vibe and record wonderful and eye watering music… Thank you!