Simon & Greg
One day Simon asked Greg if he wanted to go to Africa to help some friends build a recording studio. Little did They know what They were getting into... Since then, they've decided that once a year, they would pick a country, board a plane, pack suitcases full of gear, and record as many talented artists as they could find. Follow their musical (and whacky) journey around the world in this first season in Senegal. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Help him build a studio and he’ll record forever...

Domou Diambour


Era S

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2022 Oct 19
Great series. Enjoyable to watch with some interesting tech tips for remote recording.
2022 Oct 18
c'est un très grand plaisir de retrouver les compères. Image et son au top pour cette introduction vivement la suite Merci à Puremix et les sponsors