Ryan Hewitt Mixing Blink 182


02h 59min


Learn how Grammy winner Ryan Hewitt mixes the pop-punk superstars Blink 182

Building on the foundation and starting point from Ryan's Mixing Template Tutorial, in this tutorial Ryan walks you through his mixing process step by step revealing his techniques and workflow for creating a killer mix.

Ryan teaches his methods and thought process that goes into crafting punchy, clear and thick mixes that stays true to the band’s signature sonic attitude.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn dozens of tips and tricks on:

  • Tracking songs with the end result in mind and working with the loudest drummer in the world
  • Bringing the details forward and creating louder and more exciting mixes
  • Combining analog and digital processing with hardware inserts and analog summing
  • Using stereo and group bus processing to make processing each individual track easier
  • Trying out creative ideas and making decisions that drive mixes towards the finish line
  • Creating space and size around vocals that make them sound larger than life
  • Automating a mix to create moments and energy that is essential for a final mix
  • Printing mixes for clients and for mastering within the same session

Get inspired by seeing how a multi-platinum mixing engineer transforms raw tracks into a finished mix.

Learn from Ryan’s attention to detail and focus on the sonic vision for the song and apply his tricks and tips to your mixes.

Equipment & Software
  • AIR Stereo Width
  • Avid DYN3 Expander / Gate
  • Brainworx bx-limiter
  • FabFilter Pro-L
  • FabFilter Pro-Q2
  • SoundToys Decapitator
  • SoundToys Echo Boy
  • SoundToys Filter Freak
  • SoundToys Micro Shift
  • Steve Slate Trigger 2
  • UAD 1176
  • UAD API 550A
  • UAD Culture Vulture
  • UAD EMT 250
  • UAD LA3A
  • UAD Little Labs IBP
  • UAD Neve 1073
  • UAD SPL Transient Designer
  • UAD SSL E-Channel
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    Ryan Hewitt

    Ryan Hewitt is a Grammy winning engineer, mixer and producer with a credit list spanning all popular genres of music.

    Ryan found his love for music and recording working along side his father, famed remote recording engineer David Hewitt.

    After earning a degree at Tufts University in Boston, Ryan moved to New York City to work at Sony Music Studios. Opportunities then took Ryan to Los Angeles where he began working with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rick Rubin. This led to Ryan engineering and mixing the Peppers’ multiple-Grammy-winning double album, Stadium Arcadium.

    Rick and Ryan have continued to work together on a number of projects with artists such as Angus and Julia Stone, Brandi Carlile, Lady Gaga and Johnny Cash, as well as three albums and three live DVDs for The Avett Brothers.


    Blink 182

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    The Lumineers

    The Avett Brothers

    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

    Featured Artists and Musics

    Blink 182 formed in the suburbs of San Diego, California around guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Scott Raynor. Originally known as simply Blink, the band debuted in 1993 with a self-released EP, Fly Swatter. After releasing the album Buddha in 1994, the trio signed to Grilled Cheese/Cargo and released Cheshire Cat the following year. The threat of a lawsuit from a similarly named Irish band forced them to change their name to blink-182.

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    2022 Nov 26
    only 4 stars and not 5 because we can't download the stems! did they get taken down or were they never included?
    2022 Feb 14
    Incredible tutorial. Also a life changing mix template! Hope to see more videos with Ryan.
    2021 May 31
    I don't understed the technic about ^try to tracking the voices without the S^
    Douglas Shibata
    2019 Jul 27
    Awesome video, the echos, automation, perfect. Tnks
    2019 Jul 05
    Are there no Stems for this tutorial?..
    2019 Apr 11
    When I was little I would play with volume knobs to make stuff pop more in the car and whatever but I have never thought to do that in a mix .. thanks!
    2019 Apr 02
    Hi, I can't see the multitrack. Is it normal?
    2019 Jan 10
    Are the pro tools templates available?
    2019 Jan 10
    How do you solo individual hits like that?
    2018 Sep 22
    hey Ryan , can you share the drum samples that you put in Trigger 2 ?
    2018 Jun 13
    Absolutely incredible! Love the RS124! Couldn't believe how that transformed the vocals. Nice trick at the end with the automation - really makes the mix more dynamic and pop out more. Such talent all round. Great to see how this track from my favourite band was put together and mixed. Looking forward to seeing and learning more. Thank you PureMix, Ryan and Mark! Such a great album.
    TC Hotrod
    2018 Feb 18
    Ryan Hewitt is a real nice guy, smiling face and humble person. I really enjoyed the way he led this tuto. Some great tips and another complementary way of thinking the art of mixing. Hope he will be back soon with another kind of song
    2018 Jan 26
    great tutorial ryan! i love the way you mix the drums... very detailed and powerfull way...excellent!
    2018 Jan 08
    Great tutorial! Ryan's attention to detail is on point.
    2018 Jan 06
    Dude you hear the energy he feels in his mix. Great insights. Will make me automate even more ;)
    2018 Jan 06
    I'm feeling this amazing tutorial, Mr Hewitt. Thanks for taking the time - and the ticks - out to give a deep insight into your mix process.
    2018 Jan 05
    One of the best mixing tutorials. Great details of how he approaches each track and what to listen for. I hope to see more videos of Ryan's mixes.
    2018 Jan 04
    This Guys Good, the before/after volume automation especially exemplifies the significance it has on a mix. Very helpful.
    2018 Jan 03
    I liked your snare drum gatting approach a lot! But I wonder; Wouldn't it be helpful to delay the edited snare track to open the gate a few microseconds sooner, so it does not miss the beginning of the transient? Great video!
    2018 Jan 02
    Necesito ver subtitulos en español,, asi no tienen sentido para mi los videos,, no puedo enterarme de nada sin los subtitulos
    2017 Dec 31
    Very complete tutorial. I learned more from this one lesson than I have from several combines lessons. And, as usual, I found more gear I need to purchase. Ha! Great mix, great song, and great tutorial. Worth the subscription fee just for this single lesson.
    2017 Dec 31
    Excellent tutorial, one of the best. Learned a lot, great work flow on the session mix. Opened my eyes on his method with Trigger printing samples. Thanks
    2017 Dec 31
    Great video. I love the fact that Ryan uses both, analog gear and plugins to mix. I wish we could see more stuff like this in the near future. Again, great tutorial and Ryan is an outstanding mentor!
    2017 Dec 31
    Great Vid! I'd like to know the full back story on the original release. If you listen to it today, it sounds fuller with more separation. I realize mastering plays a part. But this ITB mix sounds really ITB....vs the original release. Awesome stuff though...thanks Ryan and Puremix crew.
    2017 Dec 30
    Amazing tutorial! Exactly what I hoped for and more. Thank you Ryan, Puremix and RIP Jerry. I would love to watch sessions for the whole album! Ask Mark...