Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer


02h 32min


See How A Worldwide Hit Gets Mixed!

Multi-platinum mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi takes you step by step through his entire mixing and mastering process for Major Lazer’s hit single “Light It Up (Remix)”

Luca is Major Lazer’s “Finisher” and helps Diplo and his team combine multiple sessions into one sonic masterpiece.

Learn Luca’s hybrid workflow and see how he takes a great static mix, applies stereo bus processing and then digs into the details it takes to create a hit-sounding EDM record.

Luca teaches you his tips and tricks for mixing modern electronic/pop music including:

  • Mixing with the final master in mind
  • Create a present midrange on a dense mix
  • Analog and digital stem mixing process using analog EQ, compression and summing
  • Add thickness and a more organic sound to electronic ITB productions
  • Removing reverb from a synth stem
  • Add top-end clarity and mid-range punch heard on every modern pop and EDM mix
  • Sidechain filtering for a focused bus compression
  • Multiband stereo image processing to open up the top end with the perfect amount of dimension
  • Automating the master bus for maximum impact on the drop

Hear countless before and after comparisons to learn the sound and attitude that’s required to create a killer mix.

When it comes to mixing EDM there are no rules and now is your chance to see how Grammy nominated mixing/mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi breaks the rules and delivers a slamming sounding mix!

BONUS: The artist and their label were gracious enough to allow pureMixers the chance to try their hand at mixing a portion of the song using the same raw multitrack stems Luca mixed.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Dangerous Compressor
  • Dangerous 2 Bus +
  • Dangerous BAX EQ
  • Neotek Series 1E EQ
  • Charter Oak PEQ-1
  • Maselec STM 822
  • Curve Bender
  • 1202 Compressor
  • BetterMaker EQ


  • iZotope Alloy 2
  • iZotope Ozone 5
  • Bx Digital V3
  • Waves Lin MB
  • Dangerous BAX EQ
  • Waves CLA-76
  • Waves CL 1B
  • Waves R Vox
  • Waves Renaissance Compressor
  • Fab Filter Pro MB
  • Fab Filter Saturn
  • Fab Filter Pro MB
  • Fab Filter Pro Q2
  • Modus EQ
  • UAD Pultec EQP-1A
  • StandardClip
  • StereoSavage
  • UAD Tube Tech Compressor
  • Valhalla Room
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Luca Pretolesi

Luca Pretolesi is an italian born mixing / mastering engineer who currently lives in Las Vegas where he works at Studio DMI.

Luca specializes in Electronic Dance Music where he strives to bring fresh perspectives and focuses on bringing out the emotions behind unpolished sounds, demos and future hits.

After 20 years of experience in the industry, Luca managed to build a unique hybrid analog / digital mixing setup where we successfully blends the best of both worlds. Plug-ins allows him to work with the precision that EDM and mastering often require and his custom made pieces of hardware and high-end pro equipment help him bring a final analog touch and warmth to his sound.

Luca has worked with the biggest artists of the EDM scene such as Diplo, Major Lazer, MakJ, Lil Jon, Savoy, Gareth Emery, and Snoop Lion and more.

Watch Luca's videos on pureMix and see for yourself how Electronic Dance Music hits are made.


Major Lazer

Steve Aoki


Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike

Snoop Lion


Featured Artists and Musics

Major Lazer is an electronic music trio composed of record producer Diplo, and DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. A conceptual EDM act based around a fictional character, Major Lazer launched in 2008 as the digital reggae/dancehall project of Diplo, the globetrotting, taste-making DJ/producer whose previous collaborations included work for M.I.A. and Santigold. Recorded at Jamaica's Tuff Gong studios.

  • Light It Up (Remix)

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2022 May 20
I'm loving Luca's approach and neat tricks! Truly a master. But genuine question, why does he bother going to the ruff mix when its a thousand dB lower? What is he going for with that? I mean, can he really compare and evaluate his moves with that big of a difference?
Alexandre Si
2022 May 17
Woooow ! He is too technical, like scientific lol
2021 Nov 28
Luca is brilliant. Precise, clear, and knows how to make sounds musically sit in the mix. Has many great ideas and concepts. Hope we have more of him.
Pisko Music
2021 Feb 16
Grazie Luca, sei bravissimo!!! I learned a lot, I have just three questions please it would be very meaningful that you take a minute to answer them: 1. What's the difference between reducing 5db on each track of the Low Perc Bus + boosting 4db on da Low Perc Bus fader Vs. directly reducing 1db on da Low Perc fader? 2. How do you mix the automated Print with the Print on wich you added Cliping/MB Compression? 3. This Print with cliping/MB Compression at some point was inadvertidly renamed Master and the previous Master bus was disregarded?
Pisko Music
2020 Nov 21
Sarebbe stato bello che questi poche stems fossero presti per laborare, uno debe ordinargli e en tanto il tempo della memebership transcorre...
2020 Oct 17
This is one of my favorites, what happen to the rest of the video it just stops at 38mins?
2020 Aug 16
I learned so much in this video! Soooo much good thing are getting learned in this amazing video. Also, it gives you a chance to have a reference mix for the future! Best learning experience ever! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
2020 May 07
Ciao Luca, ho notato solo adesso dopo mesi che c'era la sezione dei commenti.. come posso non farti un saluto? ;) Bellissima puntata! Ciao ciao paisà! Complimenti
2020 Apr 26
Amazing job! Hi from Peru
2020 Apr 06
Great but most folks don't have all those juicy plugs, nice that your song is Aprils mix competition. I'll enter, why not... maybe my new Sugar plug will help me win this thang... yaaaaaaa
2019 Aug 23
Anyone still having doubts in edm mastering being acoustical warfare should watch this episode. Ridiculous really.
2019 Jan 10
How would I go about using his mid range compression technique in ableton???
2018 Nov 13
great video Luca i hear so much distortion in the mastering section i think the track is being destroying. what a pity!!!!
Stephen Moniz
2018 Nov 08
Good stuff. Does anyone know what the size of his room is in this vid?
2018 Sep 11
What's the use of the "clipper" on the snare/clap sound at around 19 minutes into part 2. I see that the track is peaking in logic, but why not just lower the output, or track volume?
2018 Aug 07
Excellent up until the mastering, there is no loudness war in streaming anymore, im certain if you would rms volume match with a mix that was -10 instead it would sound better not squashed to -5, everything except that was done in good taste and impeccable technique.
2018 Jul 30
Luca's mixing approach is really unique. To me this is one of the best tutorials on puremix. Please, do more content like this one - I mean modern music oriented.
2018 Jul 19
Thanks I've learned so much! Very professional . The end totally killed the song in my opinion since there was so much audible clipping.. still learned from it in order to compete with loudness but fortunately most platforms now fight the loudness.
AMP Tracks
2018 Jul 18
I wish there were more video by Luca Pretolesi - he's showing excellent techniques with ease, even needs to slow himself down cause he's doing it so fast. I lean so much from this series!
2018 May 25
Thanks Luca, that was amazing and your generosity of spirit is inspiring. I learned a lot from this video, maybe more than from any other video so far. Blessings.
2018 May 08
Hey guys, anyone know what kind of speakers Luca is using?
2018 Feb 04
Not my style of music. Watched it. Learned a lot. Thank you.
2018 Jan 26
Everything went fine until... ITB limiting and clipping. What a disaster. Sorry Luca but that was not engineering but destroying. Nobody cares about loudness anymore by the way. This song had better stay at the -8 RMS level, it was so much enjoyable than that final soupe; as other puremixers said too. Anyways the mixing part was really interesting and thanks a lot for having shared some of your thoughts, techniques and tricks!
2017 Oct 25
Simply amazing. The use of the Pro MB and Pro Q2 for thighting and putting the sound on the mid center was amazing. Thanks for your knowledge!
2017 Oct 21
Hi Luca, thanks for the awesome tutorial! I've learnt a lot, although I'm with the other guys and find the final result sound extremely distorted. V.
2017 Sep 12
Awesome video except that the final mastered version did not sound like the finished product at all. Also, I think that Diplo and Major Lazer could be a little bit more generous and give full stems.
2017 Sep 09
Biren, he is compressing the side chained signal (filtered) to increase the perceived loudness, but do not touch the bass and air of the track, which quite important for that type of music
2017 Aug 23
There are not all tracks in this pack... Not everything is clear!
2017 Aug 22
anyone understand what he is doing with the mid-range compression on the hardware? is he basically doing multiband compression of the 300hz-10k? or is he parallel compressing that mid-range?
2017 Aug 17
From the pureMix Crew: Luca is demonstrating a how to achieve a super loud master which unfortunately is very popular in EDM. To get this extreme loudness level he's using a mixture of limiting and clipping which of course causes some audible distortion. Our audio capture for this video was a digital signal and an exact copy of what was being fed to his monitor path.
2017 Aug 16
Ottimo tutorial, uno stimolo e un approccio interessantissimo. Bravo Luca!
2017 Aug 15
Sounds really, really distorted in the last steps of limiting. Not clean at all!!
2017 Aug 14
like the other guys said. some good ideas running through the course but the final master sounds way to distorted lost a lot of punch...
2017 Aug 11
some very good ideas ...nice way of mixing approach. * there is too much differences between youtube version and this one for sure YOUTUBE version is much better .
2017 Aug 10
It's a great video What I wanted to want the gain mixing how loud is the master ??Before he makes mastering. Has anyone of you with tracks in logic worked mixing mastering ??? If yes has someone of you template by logic where I can look. Thank you very much
2017 Aug 09
What's wrong at the end of the video......? The song is almost distorted.....
2017 Aug 04
Super nice video!!! Not into EDM much, but curious about how's mixing that genre can be different. Luca has nice and inspiring tricks, he's very professional, intuitive and has good taste, Plus, he explains very well every decision he makes. The only thing that turned me down so bad at the end, is the last 4 dB louder master... For my taste, it spoiled all the details, dynamics and delicacy of the mix. The -8dB master sounds, by far, SOOO much better!!! Some punch got lost, and some ugly distortion came up even if, for his taste, it was transparent enough. Anyways, thanks for this class! :D
2017 Aug 02
Thanks Luca
2017 Aug 02
So wonderful and punchy music. Thanks Luca.
2017 Aug 02
Why was it so distorted at the end? Something must have gone wrong during filming, or was it intentional? Either way, back to square 1: Mixing 101 - Clipping is bad. It's especially bad on this video.
2017 Jul 31
Thought it was a really well done video, extremely great job by Luca. With that said, that is some of the most distorted, unnatural, robotic music I have ever heard.
2017 Jul 31
Absolutely wonderful to see a master work his craft on modern EDM music. Would love to see more videos in this style in the near future, especially on a song in the 128 BPM range. Thank you, Luca!
2017 Jul 31
Awesome session! Amazing how it sounds in such a short time. Thanks Luca, for taking the time to share this wealth of knowledge!
2017 Jul 31
Thanks Luca! Really Nice :))
2017 Jul 30
thank you!! Best.
2017 Jul 30
That's clean?! Or dynamic!? Yikes... The distortion on the raw tracks was noticeable enough, but after mastering, holy crunchfest batman!
2017 Jul 29
Interesting to see some people mix new music with analog gear!