Inside The Mix: Pharrell Williams & Daft Punk


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Grammy winner Mick Guzauski opens up his final mixing session and gives you a look into how he polished Pharrell's production on the hit "Gust of Wind" featuring Daft Punk.

Hear how Mick worked layer by layer to bring this song to life and gain insights on how a multi-platinum engineer takes a great sounding production and turns it into a hit record.

Mick shows you the process he goes through when receiving a session that already has a strong creative vision and plugins in place. See how he thoughtfully adds sonic details, respects the artist’s vision and still takes the song to another level with his mix.

With this Inside The Mix tutorial, you’ll learn how Mick:

  • Sets up the session to work efficiently on his control surface
  • Processes every element of the track adding the perfect amount of color and vibe
  • Uses groups and sub mixes to create a cohesive tone for the instruments and vocals
  • Tightens up the entire mix using subtle bus processing

Please note: This tutorial does not include the multitrack stems as per the artist’s request.

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Mick Guzauski

Mick Guzauski has won 9 Grammy Awards and mixed over 27 #1 hits. Mick is considered one of the top mix sound engineer and mixer in the world.

Mick's love for both music and technology started when he was in high school. Growing up in Rochester, NY where there were no nearby commercial studios so Mick put together his own studio in parents' basement with equipment that he had begged, borrowed, built, repaired and modified.

In the early '80s, Mick worked with Maurice White and Earth, Wind and Fire at the Complex owned by George Massenburg (the father of parametric EQs in case you did not know...). "Being around George was a great learning experience in both the art of recording and in audio technology," said Mick.

Then in 2013, Daft Punk was looking for an engineer/mixer to team up with on their fourth studio album and at the recommendation of mutual friend Mick got the call. Unlike most dance albums, the sound of Random Access Memories is completely organic and incredibly dynamic (and fat!)

Mick is actually well-known for his natural and organic sound. Have a look at his pureMix videos and pay attention to his subtle eq and compression move. Whatever he does, it always sounds unprocessed, real and sweet to the ear.


Daft Punk


Michael Jackson

Earth Wind & Fire

Natalie Cole

Kenny G

Featured Artists and Musics

With their thoroughly modern disco sound — a blend of house, funk, electro and techno — this French duo were one of the biggest electronic music acts of the late 1990s and 2000s. Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter wore shiny droid costumes at every live show (and only allowed themselves to be photographed in said costumes) but their music was only sometimes robotic: Daft Punk were as influenced by rock bands like AC/DC as they were by classic disco acts.

  • Gust of Wind

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2022 Aug 03
It perfectly explains all the "little flavors" that make Pharell's music so unique. Diverse claps, barely heard background synths, automated delays on single phrases... Great stuff Mick!
2022 Jan 27
Added small details and it all made a huge difference at the very end. Thank you for the amazing video!
2021 Jun 17
Mick is probably my favorite mixer of all time, and he really seems like a great guy too. I'd love to just be eavesdropping in the back when he does a mix. I agree with people below, the guitar is so great sounding. I bet on the strings they had the synths as a guide track and then they added the real strings and just left the synths in for more texture.
2021 May 24
He is great! He does a lot of small things that do a lot of difference! Love the guitar sound! Love the piano with the widener!! Amazing :-)
2021 May 07
this is my second time watching.. tons of good info and an excellent insight into some pop production.
Pisko Music
2021 Feb 19
Mick is GREAT!!! Only thing is da artist didn't let us have da stems, how can we practice then???
2020 Dec 30
Very nice video but the recording quality is so high that it has to do very little I would be happy if more homestudio recording mix videos come :)
2020 Dec 30
Sehr Nettes Videos aber die Aufnahme qualität ist so hoch das er sehr wenig machen muss würde mich freuen wenn mehr homestudio Aufnahme Mix videos kommen :)
2020 Aug 22
No offense, but Mr. Guzauski our "substitute teacher", teaches way better than the regular one. Great vibe and humor but most importantly NO TALKING between A/B comparisons. It's extremely annoying and counter-productive listening to Fab talking while I'm trying to focus on the differences between the examples. Why do they still keep doing that?
Sandy Groove
2019 Nov 04
Thanks for sharing the experience! It's quite a big honor for us! Bless you Mick!
2019 Oct 25
That vocoder gave me goosebumps
2019 Jul 29
Wow - Mick is the truth! What a humble cat with a lot of knowledge. I really like his work smarter, not harder approach.
Douglas Shibata
2019 Jul 22
Is a great honor can see Mick works, awesome job. Tnks Puremix
2019 Jan 13
What people need to understand is Pharrell is such an incredible producer/arranger, there isn't much Mick needs to do. And what he does is subtle but always audible and always adds a certain something to the track. He lifts it up. The rough tracks however are full and lush and everything is where it needs to be. If you get anything from this, understand that arrangement of instruments and layers of sounds is equally as important as your mix engineer. Mick seems like such an enthusiastic, happy guy and I respect and appreciate anything he has to say. One of the greats!
2018 Dec 23
Nicely paced walk-through of a really well-crafted production. Thanks, Mick! I enjoyed watching.
2018 May 05
Thanks! Great work all
2018 Mar 09
Great video!! I love your passion and enthusiasm you have for your job. Very inspiring! I learned a lot! Thank you
2018 Jan 05
What keeps the planet spinning ? (hu) Mick Guzauski :) Really Good ! Thank you !
2017 Jul 17
The large number of clips labelled "bip" on such a well-produced song is encouraging to those of us who can't afford a lot of outboard instruments.
2017 May 08
The arrangement on this is insane. Perfect and just allows a mixer to not worry about fixing anything.
2017 Apr 25
Love Mick!! One of the best! He radiates positive vibes and I love that about him!
2017 Apr 12
Mick is the best!
2017 Apr 07
Thanks for the video. Very informative. So, I'm guessing, the reason you are using different EQ's, compressors etc for different tracks is because some compressors and EQ's are better for specific sounds or is it because if you used the same EQ and compressor plugins the track would sound less interesting ? Each plugin has it's own sound to give the overall mix a more interesting feel...
2017 Apr 04
Really well explained, loved this
2017 Mar 19
i loved this way of mixing!! thank you Mick!
2017 Mar 14
I like Mick! I like the video. Thanks.
2017 Feb 25
No sidechain compression between kick and bass?
Clair de Lune
2017 Feb 24
I want to give him a hug
2017 Feb 14
The great thing is that I'm not only learning the mixing! but also get the idea of the arrangement!!
2017 Feb 05
Amazing video. Great info from Mick, and amazing to see a Pharrell produced session. Was really cool to see so many Logic stock .bip files in the session such as Liverpool Bass. Just a great reminder that it's not what you use, it's what skills you got! Thanks
2017 Feb 01
Quel beau travail! BRAVO!
2017 Feb 01
Well this Video is more a look into Pharells awesome Production and thats great! The actual Mix happened before i would say and Mick only enhanced it really well! Anyway a good video.
Richard Boyer
2017 Jan 16
You have wonderful ears thank you
2017 Jan 13
An amazing tutorial, loads of knowledge from the source. Apparently the song is mastered there with the plug-ins?
2017 Jan 13
Loved it! Thank you very much!
2017 Jan 06
Richard Boyer
2017 Jan 03
You have ears of a GOD hahahaha
2016 Dec 31
When you send this for mastering do you keep ALL the Master Buss plugins ON?
2016 Dec 29
Hey Guys What is the command Mick uses at 23:10mins to bypass ALL the plugins in ALL the channels. No combination of cmd+shift+alt seems to do it and i can't find it on the avid forums. Any help/input appreciated! ;) Might even be a macro, i don't know.
2016 Dec 26
2016 Dec 15
très intéressant et instructif THX ;)
2016 Nov 30
M A E S T R O !!!
2016 Nov 27
This Tuto is sooooooooo greaaaaat ! nice.
2016 Nov 27
This auto is sooooooooo greaaaaat ! nice.
2016 Nov 23
These tutorials go above and beyond what I was expecting when I bought my subscription. I got a ton of notes out of that one and I can't wait to apply them. Guzauski is an outstanding mentor.
2016 Sep 25
Awesome. Thanks for sharing a real blockbuster song like this one! It's a production and mixing MBA!
2016 Aug 30
Amazing video!!! Thanks PureMix!!!
2016 Aug 25
Mick, you are just fantastic!
2016 Aug 11
I'm sorry but this video did nothing for me. The mix is pretty much done. I don't know what "spill" means? I assume it means when tracks spill over into other tracks?!? I'm very old school and this is not my kind of music, I'm a hard rock mixer. He seemed to talk in circles to me, a little too esoteric. And not to be mean, but the guy bugged me, I don't know why, but he did. Sorry to everyone who loves this guy.
2016 Jul 30
How can you not like this guy? Amazing video! Very cool. Thank you!
2016 Jul 30
This mix is so inspiring and what a great song and arrangement, wow! Thanks so much for show us this gem.
2016 Jul 23
Great job. Short and sweet and I dont feel like I'm missing anything. I too would like to know what Mic and Pre Pharrell is using on this.
2016 Jul 23
It's incredible! Thanks!
Kevin Gobin
2016 Jun 19
Excellent! Little goes a long way!
2016 Jun 02
Awesome !!
2016 May 28
Wow Fantastic insight into serious mixes very interesting One thing i would luv to see is production of sparse acoustic & vocal mixes & how to make them shine
2016 May 22
Awesome stuff guys!
2016 May 16
Really great one!! Any chance getting to know, what microphone/preamp Pharell was using for the lead vocals? ;-)
2016 May 15
Great Tutorial! Really enjoyed it
2016 May 12
Loved it gentleman! Thanks Mick. Your decisions are so tasteful! Subtle... yet they have great impact. Fab and Ben thanks so much! I love the entire mix breakdown especially with A-list artist's work (like Pharrell). Some mix sites show mix breakdowns but few with artists and engineers at the top of their respective game. Cheers!
2016 May 05
thanks Pure mix, this tutorial was the winner!
2016 Apr 30
Simon Blanco
2016 Apr 26
I don't know what's so important about reading every single parameter used in every plugin. Just listen to what it does. Great video, great insight and.... wait, EQ3 used in mainstream productions? HERESY, HERESY I SAY!!!! :P
2016 Apr 18
Great video! It must be such a pleasure to mix music made by talented producers. The resolution is a little wacky, as a lot of others commented on; not the end of the world. I love the subtle additions Mick added in, yet he didn't touch the overall vibe of Pharrel's original vision. Enhancing the details in a tasteful way, bravo Puremix!
Gary Leahy
2016 Apr 17
2016 Apr 15
Great video, very insightful. Like others, I too experienced poor video quality. Please upload a hi-res version. I would love to re-watch it. Also, what were the exact Altiverb ER/Tail settings? Like other tracks, it would have been highly informative to listen to the lead vocals without processing too, especially minus the reverb and delay. Vocals are the centre piece of modern pop productions and to me was the most important part of this video. I was waiting to hear about the decisions regarding the choice of reverb and how the amount was chosen. Regardless, very good video!
2016 Apr 13
Great video. Posted on the forum too, not sure which is best. The thing that is missing for me is how Mick approaches his automation. There is detail on the broad stroke stuff, but not the realtime fader moves. I'd love to understand more about how different people approach this and at what point during the process they do it. There are different schools of thought on this and it would be great to learn how it is approached by different people.
2016 Apr 13
I love vids like this! To see all this broken down and just how subtle all Mick's moves are, really hammers it home that less is more. These tracks are all pretty pristine that really helps. Thanks Fab and Co. for this one!
2016 Apr 13
Hi! Same comment / question as jmag02 : the video quality is really mediocre. I can barely read the track/plugins names. Did you change the resolution of the videos with the website update? Cheers.
2016 Apr 13
Stellar tutorial! Thank you to Fab, Mick, and Pharrell for giving us this opportunity to learn. One question/comment: the video resolution seems to be lower than on previous PureMix videos. I'm connected via ethernet so I don't believe it's a buffering issue. Thoughts?
2016 Apr 13
Absolutely great to hear how Mick has everything ready to go in one mix arrange window; from VCA's, busses, master mix to stems. Also revealing to hear how efficient Pharrel works with truely easy and simple created sounds. But how Pharrel (and Mick) mix these simple elements with couple of high quality tracks, like great vocals, good recorded claps, a great merged kick drum sound and the ever soulfull strings, is even more revealing. What a video!
2016 Apr 13
Thank you for coming to PureMix! This was such a great tutorial to groove through. Great presentation. Thanks for sharing how the session was setup, and the VCA spill. Stellar.