Fab Dupont Mixing David Crosby


02h 07min


Croz's best sounding record since the 70s

When Fab got the call to come record one of America's musical legends he brought his sense of thoughtful and deliberate sonic shaping to the tracking sessions. He knew that this record was going to be special and wanted listeners to feel as if Croz was sitting in the room with them but with a magical sounding backdrop that surrounds him and sets the tone and space for each song on the record to deliver it's emotional message.

To create such an intimate, rich and lush mix with such sparse arrangements is not as easy as it sounds. In this 2 hour long tutorial, Fab walks you through step-by-step how he took the raw, super clean, tracks from great sounding rough mixes to an incredible sounding record.

Learn how to:

  • Treat a lead vocal with both subtle and extreme sonic decisions
  • Create width and dimension to a single guitar using just one mic and a DI
  • Set up and manage an entire album's sonic palette using templates and referencing
  • Use plugins and gear for the perfect amount of color without over saturating the sound
  • Interface with analog reverbs to create an unique and vintage tone but also easily switch to plugins as needed
  • Remove the walls from a vocal sound without defaulting drastic EQ
  • Process stacks on stacks of vocal harmonies and backgrounds in a way that supports and enhances Croz's lead vocal in a special way
  • Automate and refine a mix so that every moment is something special

Watch how the entire mix comes together and then download the raw stems to practice mixing it for yourself

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Sonnox Oxford EQ and Filters
  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter
  • Sonnox Oxford Dynamics
  • Sonnox Oxford Suppresser
  • Sonnox Oxford Reverb
  • Softube FET Compressor
  • FabFilter Pro-DS
  • FabFilter Pro-MB
  • Sound Toys Echoboy
  • Sound Toys Microshift
  • UA Studer A800
  • UA Fairchild 670
  • UA Pultec Pro-Legacy
  • UA Precision Maximizer
  • UA EMT 250
  • IZotope De-Noise
  • Waves S1 Imager
  • Studio Reverb
  • Avid DYN3 Expander/Gate
  • XILS DeeS
  • Avid MOD Delay III


  • Dangerous Music 2Bus+
  • Dangerous Music Convert-8
  • AKG BX10
  • AKG BX20
  • EMT Plate
  • Bricasti M7

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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

Featured Artists and Musics

Legendary singer-songwriter and social justice activist David Crosby is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, inducted as a member of both the iconic folk-rock band The Byrds — with whom he first rose to stardom — and the iconic Woodstock era-defining group Crosby, Stills & Nash. David's most recent release, Lighthouse is an intimate, stripped-down set that highlights Crosby’s instantly recognizable voice, incisive songwriting, and incomparable guitar work. The palpable joy in the 9-song collection captures the iconic artist in an unexpected burst of inspiration.

  • The Things We Do For Love

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2022 Jun 18
Amazing stuff! Loved how you presented the details, use and sound for each reverb. And the expander/gate thing... Looking forward to driving a marshmallow... ha haaa! Merci, Fab
2021 Mar 27
Watching the recording process chapter. No information about mics used, preamps used etc...
2021 Mar 27
One man, one guitar, 21 plugins...
2020 Jun 11
Just so you guys are aware you can go to later chapters, just click on the chapters section and go to the 2bus say, then you can rewind for the full hour.
Eric …..
2020 Jun 08
This was great...I just had a hard time with the sound of the mic Fab was beginning listening to subtle differences i had to turn it up or go into headphones, but then when Fab speaks its harsh on the ears. Thanks Again ..i will watch 2x
2020 Feb 04
Fab, that raw playback gave me chills. Croz is such an artist. I love the way you captured him.
2019 Aug 08
Nice video, but unfortunately chapter 2 and 3 are not playable. Chapter 1 works fine. Tested it on multiple devices and got the same result.
2017 May 06
Amazing. Great song and superb mix. Pure gold.
2017 Apr 13
Hi -- the haas effect on the atlantis guitar should be straightforward in Logic too - but I' tried to replicate it with sample delay and soundtoys echoboy with little success. Can you suggest a way of doing it with any of Logic's native FX that might deliver similar results to the pro tools delay you've used. Thanks
2016 Dec 24
I just watched a David Crosby mix... yep, David Crosby! Thank you puremix gents, that was cool.
2016 Dec 09
Don't want to swear but d**n, Fab really got the magic touch, very subtle changes make up a great sounding mix. Learned a lot, i knew subscribing to Puremix would be worth it. And the tip with the synchronised plugin controls in groups was gold ;-)
2016 Dec 06
etheral composition, silky mix!
2016 Dec 04
Hey! I'm a huge fan of what you guys are doing! really I love to take some rest in my studio watching all those fantastic stuff. Plus it's often inspiring! While watching (hearing) this particular video, I felt the need to leave a comment for the first time in more than two years. Are you really okey with the 30ms Haas effect you applied on the lead vocal? I really understand the need of such a trick in this particular case but I do hear this annoying "processed" vibe afterward, even in the context of the song. Why not just turn it down to 25 or 20 ms? Again! Thank a lot for doing this! R.
2016 Dec 03
Did anyone catch the BPM. I'm stumped! Thanks
2016 Dec 03
2016 Dec 02
2016 Dec 01
I really enjoyed the presentation and insights into mixing and the application of multi-layered fx. My only critique is that I wish the narration volume was lower in proportion to the musical examples because I found myself doing manual gain riding just to hear the examples more clearly.
Gary Ambrosino
2016 Nov 08
Question. Fab, you did a very nice job taking time to explain the bussing setup - very clear and easy to understand. As far as the stems - a lot of the lessons you have you primarily use subs and sometimes a VCA - one or two lessons on stems WRT to using a control surface. Question is do you always have this stem bussing on your sessions. Did you do it this time because of the setup in the other studio your were using to make it easier to transfer over ? Or was it dictated by the material and what you were trying to achieve. Also first time I've seen a bank of limiters.
2016 Nov 07
Agreed your best video. Well done!
Kevin Gobin
2016 Nov 07
2016 Nov 07
Lol...the marshmallow reference had me literally laughing out loud. Good shit!
2016 Nov 03
Your best video fab. All the explai about the chain and the hardware and all the little dots that u remind through the lesson . Keep and do it more!!
2016 Nov 02
Fantastic! Thanks very much Fab.
2016 Oct 30
Edit: Magical Marshmallow Sauce..sorry about my colourful typo!!
2016 Oct 30
The dynamic reverb gate stunt was worth the price of admission alone!!..having spent some time with these raw tracks, its undeniable that the mix decisions by "Mr Voila'!" and his magical mushroom sauce sprinkled so tastefully are what turned this content into something really special. Excellent mix
2016 Oct 30
I love that Fab starts from the stems and arranges everything for us in real time. It's an excellent way for everyone to see how to stay organized and keep everything easy to find. The tricks that Fab uses are top notch, those that make you say "huh, that's how he does that?" I also enjoy that he decides right off the bat to keep the vibe of the song in context with the time period but also adds modern elements to make it relevant. Great work as always Fab!
2016 Oct 30
Souperrrr !!!!
2016 Oct 30
Superb! The arrangements are splendid and the amount of tricks that Fab gives makes this video a must-watch! Thanks for taking the time remixing this for us. Really appreciated it.
2016 Oct 29
Driving a marshmallow - love it!