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Andrew Scheps is one of the top mixing engineers in the world today. He earned his stripes - and Grammys - by mixing hit records for everyone from Adele to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jay-Z to Michael Jackson. For this video, Andrew was kind enough to let observe his in-the-box process while he recreated his mix of the song 'Fly Rasta' by the amazing Ziggy Marley from the eponymous album 'Fly Rasta' on Tuff Gong records.

In this 2+ hour master class, Andrew Scheps mixes the very same Pro Tools session he mixed for the actual released record. Watch as he leads you through to a final mix, all with readily available plugins, explaining every move and every decision, and leaving no stones unturned. If you ever wondered what tricks and techniques are required to make records that sound that great, this tutorial is what you have been waiting for.

This is a major mixing engineer mixing a major song for a major artist on a major label, right in front of your eyes, with full transparency. You will get to download the truncated stems of all the tracks and mix along with Andrew in your own DAW, with your own system and with your own plug-ins.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software

Plugins used:

  • Waves: Scheps 73 EQ, RBass, RVox, CLA-76
  • Universal Audio: 1176LN, Fairchild 670, dbx 160 VU, Pultec EQP-1, Brainworx bx_digital V2,
  • FabFilter: Pro-L
  • SoundToys: Microshift
  • McDSP: 6030 Compressor, FilterBank
  • Avid: DigiRack EQ, Lo-Fi, ReVibe
  • Audio Ease: Altiverb
Featured Music

Buy Fly Rasta on iTunes: Click Here

Visit Ziggy Marley's website: Click Here

Visit Tuff Gong's website: Click Here

"Fly Rasta Featuring U-Roy"
Written and Performed by Ziggy Marley
Licensed courtesy of Tuff Gong Worldwide

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Andrew Scheps

Andrew Scheps is a music producer, mixing engineer and record label owner based in the United Kingdom. He has received Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album for his work on Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium, Album Of The Year for Adele's 21, and also Best Reggae Album for Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta.

Andrew started as a musician, but found that what he enjoyed most was working behind the scenes. This led him to study recording at the University of Miami. After graduating, he spent some time working for Synclavier, and then on the road with Stevie Wonder (as a keyboard tech) and Michael Jackson (mixing live sound). But he found his home in the studio, and he honed his craft working for producers such as Rob Cavallo, Don Was and Rick Rubin.

Andrew collaborated with Waves in order to create his own line of plug-ins which include the Scheps 73 EQ and the Scheps Parallel Particles.

Andrew is one of the best known mixing engineers in the world, well-known for his Rear Bus mixing techniques that he developed working on his 64 input Neve 8068 console and his love for distortion of any kind. If you are watching pureMix videos you will see that he managed to carry his analog sound signature over to a fully portable digital rig. These days, Andrew mixes completely In The Box as it allows him much greater flexibility and the ability to work on several project simultaneously.



Lana Del Rey

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Michael Jackson

Green Day

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2022 Dec 09
@danielbaeder Ever heard of "Mastering"...???
2022 Jul 08
Hello Andrew and everyone reading this. The part I was really waiting to see was how to deal with the transients and he just shaved everything off with Pro L. You can feel the bass drum was gone and part of the snare body, to my ears. Of course when we talk about somebody like Andrew, the expectations are really high. Again, to my ears it sounded a little rough, not "radio ready" quality, specially the vocals. I'm not saying he is hiding the secrets or anything, I'm just being honest, I may be totally wrong. Although very good explanations and the microshift trick worth it watching it.
2022 Jun 30
the best video so far... pure mix in real taste
2022 May 29
Andrew is definitely a sound crafter! Amazing vid!
2021 Jan 07
hmmm, shouldn't choosing which mikes to use on the snare and kick be done pre EQ?
2020 Apr 13
I am taking the time to watch this over and over again, this is my 3rd time. Learning to mix Reggae away from Jamaica is a challenge but He's done a fantastic job. Now if I can remember 50% of his techniques I'll be alright, I took a lot of notes over a span of 3 days. Fly Rasta. The guy is a genius but I understand it took a lot of hard work to get there.
2019 Oct 03
Epic Session! Great tutorial as well.
2019 Jan 08
Thank you soooooooooooo much for this amazing lesson. Its mind blowing how many details i keep missing that you remind me of . One day I guess I'll remember )
2018 Mar 29
Shoutout Andrew Scheps on this educational plus practical behind the scene of an Top-tier Mix Engineer at work crafting a Grammy winning Production mix; Straight ART! The ultimate goal of mine and everyone on this message feed. My only question; was the Lead and Background vocals treated for Ss before your final mix? Never see no use of a DeEsser here. I hear no obvious reason for it in your mix here, but i was wondering if it was done prior? Awesome mix my virtual mentor ((:0))
2018 Mar 12
The off-beat keyboard and guitar is called the "skank" and the reggae legend of toasting is "you" Roy not "ooh" Roy! But great video and mix! Thx!
2018 Mar 03
Hi Andrew, great video again. Just a question - when reading various mixing articles I have picked up the general info that you should not: 1. Put a limiter on the 2 bus, that should be left to mastering engineers 2. Always leave at least 3-6 db of headroom on the mix bus. Seeing your video, you seem to break both general ”rules”. What´s your thinking on this?
2017 Nov 04
So cool!!! The automation rides where the icing on a perfect cake...everything is grooving and moving in such a pleasant way! Thanks!
2017 Jul 18
Il y a un problème avec la vidéo, au chapitre 3 à partir du rear buss il n'y a plus de sous titre et le peu qui apparaissent sont complètement décalés.
2017 Apr 22
These tutorials by Andrew Scheps on mixing "Fly Rasta" are of the absolute highest calibre. What Mr. Scheps does here is focus on using a few tools consistently and masterfully in order to get the song to groove best - and he explains why. What I learned most was his philosophical approach to mixing without pretense. This is what we can apply ourselves as our own styles grow, and not get bogged down on whether someone uses one parameter over another. Thank you for making this happen - I felt very much like I was part of the session itself. Respect!
2017 Apr 07
Andrew is just as interesting to listen to as he is to watch. He instills confidence!
2017 Mar 10
Thank you for the incredible video , an absolute learning experience.
2017 Mar 03
Thanks a lot! This is really cool!
2017 Feb 27
Great Video explaining each phase on how the who mix came together. Question regarding the rear buss, are the send pre or post fader, and from the group busses or individual tracks? I'm assuming the busses,..
2017 Jan 26
Great video! Having said that I would like to stress 2 things: 1-I found U ray voice a bit disconnected from Ziggy's one, there is more excitement to it (more spread and aphex) and in my very humble opinion that took some attention away from Ziggy's voice. I thought he would fix it by the end, but he didn't. Does anybody else feels the same? 2 -Sometimes I would like to see some of those great mixers dealing with a bit less then a perfect recorded track. Although I'm sure this is the kind of level that they normally get, this is probably not always the case for some of us.
2017 Jan 09
thx for this video ! It gives a lot of tricks to try (aphex instead of eq, all the parallel stuffs via sends...). Plus freedom, instinct... It also brings out the question of what is a "prefect" mix. Is it something where everything is under control, following rules ? Here, clearly not but that's what makes it alive ! It's even more important that we're talking about reggae. Thank you master !
2016 Dec 07
Ok only a few seconds in and already I can only give 4/5. Lead vocals are not orange they are BLUE for boy and PINK for girl. Also Bass is GREEN, Drums are NAVY/BLACK that's ok. Keyboards PURPLE ok... Guitars are RED and brass is ORANGE. (And acoustic guitars are yellow cause they're light) Apart from that great video! :D haha
Yongmun Lee
2016 Nov 17
2016 Oct 23
Outstanding Masterclass!! Thank you so much. Peace Carlos
2016 Jul 29
great, so useful to see this wizard working start to finish
2016 Jul 13
Andrew Scheps is the kind of guy I would simply just love to work with and\or learn from anytime. What a great mentor. Cheers!
2016 Jul 03
Thank you! Really liked your easy down to earth reasoning and the way you showed how you organize the rough mix so you can see and work with no pain.
2016 May 28
2016 May 14
Vraiment très cool! Merci pour ce vidéo!! Petite question: Est-ce qu'il print vraiment avec un limiteur à -0.2 db ??? Le mastering engineer ne doit pas aimer du tout! :) Vive A.S. et Puremix!
2016 Apr 20
Great inside look into Schep's approach, I'd love to see how he would tackle a rock track or something with more grit. It's ironic to observe the man known for being the "loudest" mixer rock a reggae track. All in all, simply awesome inspiring ideas on how to be a better more competitive mix engineer.
Rusty Falcon
2016 Apr 05
INAKI... the answer about the compressor on stereo Drum Crush is in the "Fly Rasta All Analog" videos. There is a great segment in there where he talks about the outboard gear. PS it's a Chandler TG1 setup in dual mono, compress mode, limiter mode off, hitting it fairly hard. My takeaway is to use a clean dual mono comp 'in the box' unless of course you have the Chandler TG1 plugin.
2016 Mar 20
Altough the Pro-L is very powerful, I can't believe, that he would print a final mix for real with this kind of heavy 9 dB limiting. Anyway, watching A.S. was real fun, I'm still laughing about that "In The Air Tonight" joke :-) And yes I'd love to see more of this!
2016 Mar 14
Firstly, thanks to Andrew Scheps,Puremix & Ziggy Marley for this. Not only did we get a very clear explanation from a genius in mixing, but we also got a Marley tune. I got most from the kick & snare vids, but garnered lots from everything else, as well as reaffirmed some things I knew. Only criticisms (I feel awkward saying that): 1) I really wanted to see Andrew ride the vocals. It's one of the things I was actually looking forward to getting a birds eye view on, but it was omitted. Why? 2) Only 1 minute of Ziggy's tune to mix?? So no toms, timbale, etc to practice with Still gr8 tho!
2016 Mar 09
Thank you!
2016 Mar 08
Awesome!!! Loved watching Andrew go through the process. He explained everything so well. Really good videos.
2016 Mar 02
Great video very useful tips , only issue is I would have liked to see the panning of tracks up close .
2016 Mar 02
He forgets to mention what compressor he uses on the drum crush buss that sends to his overheads on the kit . I know he uses dbx on kick and snare . Anybody know the answer
2016 Feb 26
These videos are absolute Gold. Worth every cent. Andrew Scheps is not only a brilliant Mix Engineer, he is also an excellent educator and refreshingly honest and funny at the same time. This is the stuff that you used to get by being a junior in an established studio, but rarely at this level. I received lots of learning and confirmations at the same time. Thanks Fab for providing this and Andrew for you amazing presentation.
2016 Feb 24
Thanks a lot...there are few tutorials were other languages is disponible! Remain as a rule!
2016 Feb 20
The section on EQ-ing the snare drum may be the single most useful 5 minutes I have ever watched. (Now more like the single most useful 45 minutes, as I've watched it 6 times - with multiple pauses to open up some of my own sessions.) The mindset is super-informative: the tightening up (and slight fattening) of the low-end with a HPF; the low-shelf boosts; the 'there's nothing wrong with a happy face EQ' remark. Best of all, though I don't have the UAD Neve, I do have the Slate VMR, and both the general approach and the specific frequency settings work an absolute treat. Splendid stuff!
2016 Feb 10
A-MAZE-ING I would pay for videos like this, all day long. Great score getting Andrew. Does anyone have an idea why some of his tracks are routed to his router bus, and some are direct to the main print bus?
2016 Feb 05
Just finishing up my own PT MIX template which is made out of Scheps and W. Huart. Thanks Scheps for this one!!! Now on to set up my Rec Vox Template and my Rec Instr. Template;)
2016 Jan 31
I would pay a monthly fee to watch more videos like this! Great content. Andrew is the man!
2016 Jan 29
Wow that's really awesome! One thing only, is he always sending the mix with that much limiting to mastering? Seems a lot =D But who cares? Its Andrew Scheps! Great video!
2016 Jan 27
Both the in-the-box and the analog videos were wonderful! Andrew is not only a top engineer, but he is also able to clearly express his thought process and decisions. I would love to see more videos from him and other guest mix engineers. Well done!
2016 Jan 25
Wonderful enlightening job Andrew. What has struck me is that i feel Fab would have approached it quite differently thus highlighting there's no absolute and right way - we can take something from each and every teacher to develop what works for us. Take the learnings and trust our ears. Thanks again Andrew and Puremix
2016 Jan 22
His sarcasm is my favorite thing in the whole world!
2016 Jan 21
Most people are very smart but doesn't have a heart of a teacher. Andrew Scheps has both!
2016 Jan 19
I love this video. I mix in the box exclusively and this helped me so much. I would love to get a copy of what his routing/template is. I tried to pause and see what his sends, etc. were but still am not sure.
2016 Jan 05
A true savant makes everything seem so easy.
2015 Dec 26
Andrew Scheps is such a great educator. I would watch him mix any ol' time. I learned a great deal. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to see him work. My only suggestion is I would have liked to hear Andrew say a word or two about what kind of tracking processing would have been done. He didn't get into de-esser's or a lot of other clean-up work. I assume the tracks were recorded very well.
Saul Santilli
2015 Dec 25
Thank you! Effing amazing brilliant video Mr Scheps you are a gentleman and scholar . Thanks Puremix!
William Forrest
2015 Nov 28
Wouah, une des meilleures vidéos sur le mix, j'ai énormément appris (surtout sur la philosophie du mix). Un énorme merci à Mr Andrew Schepps et Puremix, excellent travail.
Gary Leahy
2015 Nov 08
WOW!!! I'll even say it backwards. "WOW" You know as an amateur engineer no matter how many times I can sit and watch this video and others done by the pro's. It will never sound as good as them. I think that's why they don't mind spilling the beans on their mixes. Because what is on display is years and years of mistakes and experience as well as "EAR TRAINING". You cannot learn or arrive in one sitting. Having that it's good to see why they make the decision they do to make a great record. Fab another tutoring by Andrew please. Well done.
2015 Oct 23
Really great video! I visited the Andrew Scheps seminar Mix with the masters and it was really great. When I was there, the parallel compressor he used on drums crush was UAD Fairchild 670. Someone of you asked about it. Hope it helps!
2015 Sep 07
I want to rate this video a 5 so bad. I can't. Not because of Andrew... I love what he shows us here and he's one of my virtual mentors. The reason I'm rating the video lower than I really want to is because not only are the exercise files just a small portion of the song (which I partially understand), but there isn't a Pro Tools session included. We have to guess the template and plugin settings - and the rough mix. I actually don't mind doing this but I feel there should be at least a "setup" read me so that we can start exactly where Andrew is starting from. We should know the rough mix.
2015 Sep 04
Great video. Clear, systematic explanations. Interesting to see the similarities and differences between Andrew's and Fab's approaches. Would love to see more complete guest mixes like this.
2015 Aug 31
Whole "Fly rasta" album sounds very good. Very inspiring tutorial. At least one more with Andrew Scheps please!
2015 Aug 19
Fantastic tutorial!
2015 Aug 11
Amazing song. Superb mixing. These help me to learn the workflow of modern music creation! Thank you!
2015 Aug 03
This video really helped me with routing and order of EQ and Compression. A great starting point for a session set up. Love his humor and his simplicity. Glad he is humble.
2015 Aug 02
excelente video. un maestro
2015 Aug 02
I would have checked the drum room mics with a MS decoder, somethings seems a little fishy there. too bad that after all these years ProTools does not come with a stock Mid-Side matrix, S1 to the rescue... really great and inspiring video, I can only imagine how hard it must be to be mixing and teaching simultaneously, heavy work for the left and right brain sides
2015 Jul 27
great! would like to see more of there with other mixers
2015 Jul 12
Great Man. I Like It. Everything Sound Very Natural. Yes Thanks Puremix!!
2015 Jul 11
Awesome!!Nice video let me learn more,thanks. I have some question about that. First,the drum overhead Kick is on the right side,why it would be recorded like that??And Why Andrew didn't fix it in the mix?? Second,Andrew set a limit on master bus and it seems push that so hard,is there enough headroom for mastering? that confuse me,hope to get the answer,Thanke!^^
2015 Jul 03
I feel very fortunate - Andrew is an excellent teacher and this is an outstanding mix tutorial. He is technically astute and lazy!! (what a great combo). His take on the use of specific in the box plugins was quite an eye opener for me - I own some and have subsequently delved into others. Thank you Fab and co - the blend of your specific insight and training, combined with the workflow and insights of industry professionals, is a godsend to those of us who strive to do better. Please keep these mix videos going (Tchad Blake pleeaase- he is UK based though I guess).
2015 Jul 01
More of this type of video please!
2015 Jun 21
This was really great - thanks PureMix & Andrew! I have one question - I notice that on Andrew's plate reverb sends he doesn't have the signal set to 100% wet - is this just a workflow thing as he'll end up getting more volume for each track he sends to it, or is there another reason?
2015 Jun 20
Wow, amazing video, very interesting to see how this pro is thinking about mixing a song. And FINALLY a very useful tip on why using VCAs in ProTools ;-)
2015 Jun 18
Fabrice, it is truly incredible that you're bringing a video from such a mixing heavyweight to us. Thank you, and anything more like this (and the Ryan West videos) is so tremendously appreciated!
Phil Boneyard
2015 Jun 16
Love seeing someone's else thought process and also bought an Alphatrack after watching the vid and loving it, was looking at big DAW controllers prior but totally agree about his point on focus when automating. Thanks Andrew, Fabrice and the team :D
2015 Jun 13
This is a fantastic and informative Lesson, thanks guys. The 5 minute scene of Andrew riding the drum fader is pure audio engineering porn. A great insight into Andrew's process, brain and sense of humor. This has really helped me get more definition in my mixes. Great stuff! Cheers
2015 Jun 12
Great video, thanks Andrew, Fabrice and Guillaume, can´t wait till next. Andrew, you forgot to show us your Drums Crush Parallel compressor. All the best!!
guillaume paillotin
2015 Jun 11
And thanks for the tracks !! I can make my own mix of Ziggy and U-roy !! that's awesome !!
guillaume paillotin
2015 Jun 11
Hello Andrew, it seems so simple when you do it !! But I 've been so frustated because I think you don't tell us in the video what is the compressor used for parallel cymbals crush !! Thanks for sharing Andrew !!
2015 Jun 09
Great vid! Please have more like this.
2015 Jun 09
This video went perfect with my morning coffees and chocolate muffin.. Now off to the studio. Thanks !
2015 Jun 07
Brutal!!! Wonderfull.... Thank you! good job!
2015 Jun 06
:/ I'm disappointed Andrew... Bass is always an earthy dark brown. This video sucks.
2015 Jun 06
thx for sharing this awesome stuff. as you can see, there is no need to use much equalization, if the tracks are well recorded and you know what youre doing. the specific use of the aural exciter, is a good tip for beginners to brighten up their mixes. also that he uses very small amounts of compression on the lead vocals was very inspiring for me. greetings -kenny-
2015 Jun 04
Wow, Andrew is a class act. He knows so much, and yet, he is so humble as he explains things. I feel more empowered to trust my instincts after watching this. This video is a must see.
2015 Jun 04
Andrew Scheps is GREAT!!! I love his work and he is GREAT teacher!!!! The whole video is fantastic, i wish i could download it though... Getting the chance to see how a master like Mr Scheps is thinking and how he's making decisions is fantastic!!! Thank you Mr Scheps, thank you Pure mix!!! Greetings from Greece
2015 Jun 03
Automation time, the best face in the world jajajajaja
2015 Jun 03
@gatsie yes. :-)
2015 Jun 03
He says "in the other video when I'm mixing on the board" at one point. Is there, or will there be another great video soon?
2015 Jun 02
Awesome vid. Thank you.
2015 Jun 02
Happy Face :-)
2015 Jun 02 was not worth it!
2015 Jun 02
Great video. Andrew is awesome and funny. Great teacher. Hope to see more like this! Neal Avron!!
2015 Jun 02
Really amazing video, Andrew has amazing teaching skills. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!!
2015 Jun 01
Nice work! :) Thank you! :D
2015 Jun 01
Awesome!! We need more like this. Many thanks to Puremix.
2015 Jun 01
llollzz, there always a rushing in the end of the show....
2015 Jun 01
It's impossible to put into words with that video is worth. Having insight into Andrews decision-making process is priceless. What blew me away was the spent time Bringing out and utilizing the natural characteristics of the tracks instead of just slapping a bunch of reverb on everything. Fab, thank you! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!
2015 May 31
wow!!! best mixing video!!! thx pure mix...
2015 May 31
Priceless visual and audio knowledge!!!
2015 May 31
Mind .... Blown !!!! Thank you pure mix ! let's have more of this !!! Incredible
2015 May 31
Great job Andrew! You're a great teacher! I really liked how you covered the technical, pro tools elements, groove and feel and automation. I picked up on so many subtleties and ideas that I can't wait to start a new mix. Thanks for your video. I can't wait to see another.
2015 May 31
More!!! Longer!!!
2015 May 31
2015 May 31
Awesome engineer & amazing stuff, thank you ! Keep it up, We need more ! ^^
2015 May 31
Great Video! I like the way Andrew explains. Thanks to Pure Mix.
2015 May 30
You got Andrew Scheps!!! I love that guy. He's my favorite engineer. Well... this made my weekend!! Thanks Fab and Andrew!!