Job opportunities

pureMix is a dynamic company that is constantly growing and always seeking for new talents around the world.
If you like music, sound engineering and your skillset matches on of the items below, send us an email and attach your resume at :


  • Social Media and Marketing Specialist

    IF you like to analyze customers’ behaviors; IF you like to make sense out of numbers, data, graphs, Facebook ads, and dollars; IF ROI means a lot to you: Send us your resume.

  • Content Management

    IF you like to watch videos from the biggest mentors in the industry, take notes, create surveys and gamification Send us your resume.

  • Web design, UX design, Graphic design

    IF HTML, CSS and Photoshop, Illustrator do not scare you, IF you are passionate about browsers, UX, button clicking and want to make the internet a better looking place, IF you worship Steve Jobs’ designs and think that a home page should look so cool that any user who lands on it will have no other choice than typing in his email address in a modal box: Send us your resume.

  • Web Development (front end, back end, integration)

    IF Laravel, Symfony, PHP7, Python, Vue.js, CSS, HTML5 and Node.js are the next best thing after a croissant and a baguette: Send us your resume.

  • Video translation & transcriptions (English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese)

    IF you are fluent in several languages; IF your setup to translate faster than anyone else; If you are ready to hear talk about compression, equalization and sample rates as early as breakfast time: Send us your resume.

  • Plug-ins and C++ development

    If you are used to JUCE-ing your plug-ins; IF C++ polymorphism and inherited classes speak to you, IF phasers, distorsions and reverbs are just loops and arrays after all: Send us your resume.