Virtual Instruments Sound Design in Pro Tools

  • Mark Abrams will be your mentor
  • Sep 24th 2017
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2 Week Online Interactive Masterclass
Learn Sound Design Techniques and Tricks
ALL in Pro Tools!
Start September 24th!

Take Your Productions to the Next Level

The goal of this course is for you to be able to create the sounds you are searching in your productions for from any virtual instrument in Pro Tools in just two weeks.

Over the course of the two weeks we'll dive into creating new sounds from scratch, layering instruments, and using non-traditional samples. All with the end goal of you becoming a jedi of creative sound design

Unlease the power of tools you have at your disposal in Pro Tools to bring your music to the next level!

You’ll be guided through a comprehensive curriculum of the sound design features inside of Pro Tools and other software instruments. Learn step by step how to compose and sculpt your ideas.

You’ll be working with stems from The Arrows, recorded by Fab Dupont and throughout the course you’ll be adding your own production touches, all the while getting invaulable tips and feedback from your instructor. 

You can expect to walk away from this masterclass with compositional tools and features that can greatly improve your productions and help you to make great music.


Master those VSTs


Explore analog synthesis with Vacuum. The Vacuum Tube Oscillator based synth included with Pro Tools.


Learn the basics behind crafting the sound of a B3 organ as we explore DB-33.


Craft everything from useable virtual piano sounds to spacey reverb laden pads with Minigrand.


Create driving rhythms and take a look under the hood to get fat electronic beats that will compliment your productions.


Dive deep into the word of sampling as we layer performances with samples and create our own instruments with Structure.


The expansive library of stock sounds included with Pro Tools is one that rivals other more expensive options. This often overlooked, and free virtual instrument included in your Pro Tools Subscription, finds it’s way into productions all over the charts.


Dig into the world of the Mini Moog and see how the concepts from one synthesizer relate to all of the others with Native Instruments Monark.

What's Included

Pro Tools sessions and professionally recorded tracks from The Arrows

Weekly assignments with feedback on your session files so you can find areas for improvement week after week!

Weekly Live stream classes with your instructor providing guidance and answering questions so you have all the knowledge needed to complete your assignments

Replay and rewatch the course materials and live stream classes as much as you want. Review the entire course and find tips you may have missed during the live classes.

Video tutorials that will teach you the advanced Pro Tools skills needed to complete the exercises

Ask questions and get answers on the spot with the pureMix virtual classroom.

PLUS you'll receive:
  • 3 months of pureMix Pro Membership (worth $89)
  • An official course completion certificate

Pro Tools MIDI Production

Course Schedule

September 8th
Enrollment Opens
Secure your seat before the course fills up.
September 24th
Enrollment Closes
Now the fun begins, you'll be invited to the pureMix virtual classroom where you'll be able to communicate with your instructors and classmates. You'll also be given a pureMix Pro Membership to view all of the required videos for the course.

Pro Tools MIDI Course

Assignments & Feedback


 September 24thWeek 1
Learn what is possible using MIDI and virtual instruments inside Pro Tools. Use existing tools inside the DAW to unlock your creative potential. Learn how to layer sounds and get the most out of stock sounds. 
October 1stWeek 2
Increase your speed and efficiency with advanced MIDI editing tips and tricks. Dive deeper into 3rd party software instruments and layer samples to take it to the next level!

Weekly Livestream Class

MIDI in Pro Tools Masterclass

Every week during the course, join your instructor Mark for a livestreaming class where he will:
  • Give the class an overview of the week's exercises
  • Provide tips and techniques needed to ace the assignments
  • Answer any questions the class may have
  • Show you additional Pro Tools tricks that may be helpful to completing your assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

What software will be required?

Any version of Pro Tools after Pro Tools 10 will be all you need for this course. Pro Tools 12.8 will be the version Mark is using for his demonstrations

How does the application process work?

Just hit the "Enroll Now" button at the top of this page and check out. Once your application is processed you'll receive confirmation email from your course instructor

What's the start and end time of the live stream classes?

The live streams start at 4pm EST (1pm PST) and should be done by 5pm EST (2pm PST).

What if I can't make attend the live stream classes?

Bummer… But you'll be able to access each week's replay to catch up on everything you missed. You can also submit your questions to Mark before the week's class so you don’t miss out on his answer to your specific issues.

How long will I have access to the live stream replays?

Being able to participate during the class, asking questions and giving feedback is ideal but in case you miss anything, the live streams will be available for replay until October 31st. We also encourage students to watch it again to help absorb more material the 2nd time around.

What happens if the streaming fails for some reason or the internet goes out?

Don't worry, we have a plan B and plan C ready to go and we're always recording the entire broadcast and will make the replay available.

How much work does this course require?

It depends on how fast you are, but plan on spending between 3 to 8 hours per week on this course.

When are the assignments due?

All of the assignments are done on your own schedule and must be submitted by 12am (Midnight) EST on each Sunday

What happens if I miss an assignment?

Due to the intense nature of this course, you'll need to stay on top of the assignment schedule to get the full value out of the course. If you happen to miss an assignment you can submit it toward completion of the course but will not receive feedback.

What sort of feedback will I receive on my sessions?

Mark will open up every student’s Pro Tools sessions and share his honest opinions and feedback. He'll point out both the good and the bad then offer you tips and tricks that can improve the sessions in the future.

Can I get the stems to practice with?

Absolutely, in fact, this course wouldn't be much fun without them! You'll get a link to download each week's assignment via email

Have questions not answered here?

Send us an email: courses @ pureMix . net